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Urusei Yatsura Episode 21

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Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Comedy Action Sci-Fi Adventure Romance
Date aired : Feb 18, 2015
Status : Finished
Urusei Yatsura concerns the tempestuous relationship between two focal characters: Ataru Moroboshi who is possibly the most unfaithful, unlucky and lecherous idiot to have ever been born, and there's Lum, a tigerskin-bikini clad alien package of sex appeal, jealousy and electricity who's fallen for him. The series chronicles the misadventures of these two stubborn teenagers along with a veritable entourage of weird characters. Among these characters is the richest boy on the planet, a superhuman schoolgirl, a fire-breathing baby, a powerful priestess/school nurse, a cute and psychotic alien vixen with a split personality, a gender-bending martial artist, an alien biker chick, an ice queen of Neptune, a deranged monk, a giant ghost cat and hundreds of other lunatic personalities; aliens, humans and inhumans alike interract in endless hysteria in a town named Tomobiki.
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