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One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 9

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One Punch Man 2nd Season

One Punch Man 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Seinen Action Parody Sci-Fi Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Apr 06, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: One Punch Man
The second season of One Punch Man.
Latest Episode Comments
An0nym0us205 Why don't just Saitama defeat them all? It's taking too long and boring nahh
3 months ago
mj_smith nice vedio
7 months ago
zombie_kitten167 IAN HOW THE HELL DO U WRITE SO GOOD ;-;
8 months ago
a year ago
DZ_1987 I wonder how hard it is for someone to understand that this random idiot is stupidly powerful, he can most likely just live in jupiter without much problems.
2 years ago
DZ_1987 I swear, this Ian won't stop spoiling the episode. Not just a bit of it, no, its the entire episode.
2 years ago
ian24680 Siatama saves Suiryu in the nick of time. Bakuzan was shock to see that the hero was Saitama and used the moves that he developed for combat against humans but he should have improvised that to a more brutal and devastating attack. After defeating Bakuzan Saitama was informed by Suiryu about Gouketsu who is more powerful than Bakuzan and headed towards his direction him. Suiryu didn't want Saitam to die after saving his life. But he still went anyway and effortlessly defeated him and sent his head flying and drop in front of Suiryu. Suiryu ask Saitama if he can be a hero like him and assured him that he can be as long he keep works hard towards it and got denied of being a disciple. The other monsters got taken care and Puri Puri Prisoner took care of his opponent with a powerful hug. Saitama meets up with King along the way and had a talk about heroes. Garou was badly wounded by Watch Dog and sent him running. He saw King and started hunting, he predicted all of his possible moves with adding Saitama to the fight and got easily kick out of the way. Sonic meets with his fellow villager and was offered a place in the Monster Association so that he can defeat Saitama after witnessing how much power his senpai's gained. The Hero Association top brass is discussing what their next move would be and a message from the Monster Association came for them.
2 years ago
Alphonssama WHAT! they didnĀ“t bring the Watchdog-Man joke where he gives the paw to each of Garos hits!
2 years ago
YeHtut Keep going gogoanime team group....Tq for the best purpose....
2 years ago
jamesdeo123 nice season 2
2 years ago
C_ibi Omg the original music let go
2 years ago
paynut that last part was just weird
2 years ago
Valdez08 Finaaally!
2 years ago
MisterDark17 After 2 Weeks Finally!!!!!!
2 years ago
Priestaine And it all took just one punch....
2 years ago
Imdreee28 This is what i've waited for 2 weeks? Boring episode XD
2 years ago
abcdefldkcm Can't tell if this is the last episode or nah lol
2 years ago
NateLOcean i knew it, he'll become another disciple of saitama.
2 years ago
Sonic Hays kakabitin
2 years ago
Abbas Hha sonic just cooked LoL
2 years ago
megagx94 wow
2 years ago
zorosanjigray A bit weak episode compare to last weak build : (
2 years ago
Hishro69 Finallyyyy
2 years ago
oranosus 3rd
2 years ago
daidalos oh yea
2 years ago
Chiko29 1st
2 years ago
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