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One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 6

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One Punch Man 2nd Season

One Punch Man 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Seinen Action Parody Sci-Fi Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Apr 06, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: One Punch Man
The second season of One Punch Man.
Latest Episode Comments
Zafire063 For those of you complaining about the pacing. It's actually moving through the manga very quickly. There is a point coming up where you don't see Saitama do anything for a longgggg time. This is going to become more about the other heroes and monster association.
2 days ago
FableInk King needs to use his power to save everyone. The power of intimidation! Should at least scare the crap out of a few of them
4 days ago
animeKIRITObest asdjaskdalsdowpaosqpdj kasud aks dsa
5 days ago
blackholedoom Metal knight... This S-class robot likes talking big, now he is scrap metal. Genos also suffers from the same fate.
6 days ago
frank08 How can i watch???
6 days ago
ian24680 Suiryu easily defeated Max and finished Snek with one kick to the face. His belief about strength is just to show how strong he is while taking it easy without knowing the life of truly fighting while placing his life on the line. Saitama wins his match with a uppercut and sent his opponent flying for touching the wig. As the tournament continues Genos goes to defeat the monsters in the city. The heroes conitinues their counter attack but were still outmatch and reinforcements arrive and one of them defeated Genos. Fubuki's group became slaves of that monster. Fubuki should have remove that whip when she had the chance and now at a disadvantage. She got brutally beat up until Tatsumaki came while killing all the monsters in her way and made sense to the title of the episode where monster where rising up. THe next fights should get interesting where Garou will be facing Watchdog and the one that defeated Genos will be fighting Saitama.
6 days ago
Yeeetor The first season was better
6 days ago
Alphonssama what the the manga you could at least feel the presence of danger and asking your self when saitama will finally interfere i was waiting the whole season for the fight between Garo and Watchdogman in anticipation how they would draw it but this! NO CHANCE they bring it over propperly!
6 days ago
asem flash check flash flash
7 days ago
Godx This is the bobbiest episode yet
7 days ago
Fiji_junior I think the trying to drag the whole season out
7 days ago
Koey Exactly what I was thinking paynut.
7 days ago
paynut episode stats 99% talking 0.01% actual battle 0.99% footage of random people getting destroyed by monsters
7 days ago
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