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One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 12

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One Punch Man 2nd Season

One Punch Man 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Seinen Action Parody Sci-Fi Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Apr 06, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: One Punch Man
The second season of One Punch Man.
Latest Episode Comments
brixlie03 yes were is the episode 13 so far this site is soooooo suck
4 days ago
NardLene Where is Episode 13, Please release now Admin?
5 days ago
brixlie03 wer is the 13 men
10 days ago
gmartind No episode 13?
11 days ago
Savitarspeedgod1 I don’t think it’s the last episode, but personally I like it, and that proves that one punch man is stronger than blast :v
13 days ago
ogb_daniel i hope this is not where it ends tho
14 days ago
Simon_ Well that was disappointing
15 days ago
Bowe900 Great season!
15 days ago
Lazaga Bilisan nyo pag gawa ng kasunod haha ..bakit bagal pala dito pero sa youtube bilis?
18 days ago
Abbas Is there new episode or new season I think this ending was good at the same (shit)
18 days ago
Bads Bitin.. Huhuhuju
18 days ago
ian24680 Garo was outmatch by Bang in the same fighting style and Bomb joins in the fight after killing the monsters. Garo remembers his childhood for how much he was bullied and treated as the monsters of the games. Garo became desperate in beating the the three of them before Birdman show up. Birdman grabs Garo and calls in Centichoro to hold off the heroes. The combination attack of the two brothers did major damage on Centichoro. But he counters it molting his damage shell and growing a new one. Genos attacks recklessly by aiming at the head and was able to get inside him with a kick to one of the tooth. He burned Centichoro on the inside but was ineffective. They escape tried to escape from but realized that the fight will resume at the city. Bang made a desperate last stand but King was able to get Centichoro's attention by mentioning Blast. Centichoro charges at King then Saitama as usual defeats him with a single punch.
18 days ago
Darkweeb Is the ending seriously the opening of the episode?
18 days ago
sharlong252 Bagal dito
18 days ago
Imdreee28 Is this last episode?
18 days ago
HistorycallGE I personally loved the sound effects and loved the action. I do not regret waiting for this episode.
18 days ago
Vicctor This season actually took a shit in me :/
18 days ago
DragonBane Lovit Bunny for Smash
19 days ago
pjeriksson So i waited 3 months for this SUPER PUNCH, im so mad right know. Last seasons it was like 10000 punches like this one. One Punch Man seasons 2 are so broken :/
19 days ago
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