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One Punch Man 2nd Season Episode 11

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One Punch Man 2nd Season

One Punch Man 2nd Season

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Seinen Action Parody Sci-Fi Super Power Supernatural
Date aired : Apr 06, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: One Punch Man
The second season of One Punch Man.
Latest Episode Comments
beanie I agree with Garo's mindset specially in what I have seen in this episode. The heroes care more about the internal hierarchy that they are willing to fight anything for the sake of climbing up the ranks and not really for protecting the people. The "Heroes" in this anime (except for a couple of others) have their ideals twisted up because of their envy and determination to make a name for themselves. The hero association itself is money driven, they don't really work to protect the people's, but to protect the ones who benefits them the most only.
a month ago
zombie_kitten167 poor garo T^T
8 months ago
Homie_1 When that kid had a close up on his face he looked about 6 and 60 at the same time.
8 months ago
cobus1213 annoying bug
a year ago
Diarrhea312 oh wow rocks are powerful
a year ago
Dave11 Right
2 years ago
SAGGERS ian24680 just fuck off nobody cares
2 years ago
Mickel15 Watch episode 12 in youtube . Already released and done watching
2 years ago
donaldabangan OMG this episode is si nice!!!!
2 years ago
Simon_ Now everyone wanna fight him when he's so beaten up sighh, I hope they don't do him dirty.
2 years ago
DragonBane Gees, what’s next? “Foot of flaming fire”?
2 years ago
Savitarspeedgod1 Honestly think garo is right, a lot of monsters have their lives at stake and have something to protect. As humans, we only see it as one way. They’re destroying our land, but we don’t think about how unfair it is to them, and how inhuman, even if it’s a so called, “monster”, but can’t anybody be a monster? Like criminals? Because we still treat them humanly. I also think that garo is set to a perspective because he is kind in some kind of way to the monster that he will become one, but he will not join their ways, because he has a limit.
2 years ago
Abbas I fell bad for garo because he was not trying to be friends whit monster assonance or something and they showed up and Genos thought he was working whit monster associated I fell bad for him
2 years ago
boyluis garo is furuse to be monster
2 years ago
C_ibi lowkey feel bad for Garo OOf
2 years ago
Bajancandian Jeromeasf is a dickhead he always lets me down in hungergames and he always talks about camp Jerome and the baccas which are just smelly fucking bears
2 years ago
GaroFan STOP TRYING TO JUMP GARO AND FIGHT HIM WHEN HE'S 100%! Now everyone wants to fight him when he's weak.
2 years ago
ian24680 The young Garo had point their that villain or not they still have something they have to protect. He beat up those A class heroes in terms of skills and provoking them. The A class heroes have good coordination and formation but they lack more experience and calm mind. What Garo said to Death Gatling is true for he only cares about ranking he should learn from Saitama who brush off Fubuki's ego about ranking and position. Saitama's losing streak is increasing for his attack pattern are to obvious. He will be going to the battlefield also for they are receiving calls. Genos is the first to respond to the call and overpowers Garo. Garo used Watch Dog Man style and was able to rip off Genos arm but he got restrain by the arm. Garo himself free form his restrain and started attacking Genos again and the Monster Association came to help him only for Genos to slice them up. Bang and Bomb arrive before Genos can attack. Garo told the two to take care of the monsters while he takes care of Garo.
2 years ago
Syahminami Why does it have to end like that hm
2 years ago
Hakupalp No idea if is just me but was there always 3 options for " English sub mirror " . Not sure if I gave out enough detail for some1 to notice/answers that but meh :v
2 years ago
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