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Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 13

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Mob Psycho 100 II

Mob Psycho 100 II

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Slice of Life Action Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 07, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Mob Psycho 100
Second Season of ONE's Mob Psycho 100.
Latest Episode Comments
icekiller303 He never proposed or share his feeling to the girl he loved did he?
10 days ago
Soumya I love this story its really awesome
3 months ago
keoyome I love this anime! Mob's journey is so heartfelt and relatable. Even though his situation differs, many of us still struggle with what he struggles with. I'm so touched by this story.
8 months ago
ondra417 That Brokoli xd
9 months ago
bnay I gotta say, hands down, this is one of the best anime series I’ve ever seen. From the art style to the comedy to the fight scenes, all of it amazing
a year ago
ian24680 The scenery of a destroyed area , use of the rubbles and the that planetary like structure from rubbles reminds me of the fight between Naruto and Yahiko(Deva Path). Toichiro acknowledge the fact that he has to go all out against Mob and through it he became a human bomb. Thank goodness that Mob is kind and he choose to save him. The was a unexpected outcome of the battle, a giant broccoli has emerge. Now that scars has been taken care off Reigen and the others head to school to rest but the captain told them to rest at his grandma's house. It looks like that Toichiro will be having a earful from his wife once they meet once again.
a year ago
Ronin XD
a year ago
ProjectIceman Im dying! HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHA!
a year ago
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