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Maou-sama, Retry! Episode 2

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Maou-sama, Retry!

Maou-sama, Retry!

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure
Date aired : Jul 03, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Oono Akira, a working adult that can be found anywhere, was transported to a different world while logged into a character known as the "Demon Lord" in a game he manages. There, he meets a girl with a disabled leg and they begin to travel together, but there's no way that others will leave a "demon lord" with such overwhelming strengths alone. While being targeted by countries and saints that are trying to subdue the demon lord, they cause turmoil wherever they go. Demon lord on the outside, normal person on the inside, a misunderstanding type fantasy!
Latest Episode Comments
paynut japanese john wick
2 months ago
ian24680 That's really convenient that Hakuto have in his storage. The awkward face of AKu is really cute when she wanted to sleep together with Hakuto. The bandits tried to ambush them but were easily defeated and the knights that came after them were also defeated. Luca was the only one punish by spanking her. They arrive at a town to rest for a while before continuing their journey. Thanks to the money they got from Luca their pockets weren't so much in trouble. Aku got new clothes and had a luxurious place to stay and high class meals. Luca was able to catch up to them and was silence by Hakuto before she makes the situation even more problematic. They got back to the Inn and Luca followed them, due to her money is in Hakuto's possession and sending her troops back home. Out of pity Hakuto gave back her money and the ownership of the room was place in Luca's based on her perspective.
3 months ago
Kunker Its just you!
3 months ago
ChickenSoySauce is it just me or is there no sound?
3 months ago
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