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Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga Episode 1

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Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga

Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Action Samurai Historical
Date aired : Jul 08, 2019
Status : Ongoing
The series is a historical drama aesthetically and boldly adapting the life of Oda Nobunaga in his teens up to his time as a warlord against his brother, Nobuyuki.
Latest Episode Comments
atlantiancommand Nobunaga is indeed quite a historical character in Japan, one of the only characters you see continually being put in animes and mangas that alone proves that even Japan's current culture recognizes his historical importance! This anime seems to capture his life quite well right from the beginning, I think I might stick around!
7 months ago
ian24680 That was a nice start of the first couple of minutes of this episod, facing an army that greatly outnumbers them they manage to defeat them through Nobunaga's leadership and inspiration. He is a kind hearted boy who helps the kids his age survive the street while his father is busy buying materials from foreign land. As they return home they stumble across a woman whom Nobunaga was love struck at first sight. Nobunaga's brother accidentally got in the secret room after being escorted out and ask him to keep it a secret. His mother took this seriously and have the room search and found many objects from foreign country. His older brother manages to help him out of trouble. He told Roku and the others that they are done with this because they will be in trouble if they continue. Roku agreed and promises that this will be the last but they got captured. Nobunaga went to his father and admitted to him that they are with and prevented their execution. The following year Nobunaga finally became the lord of the clan and and renamed himself. The next year he was able to win victory over the army of the neighboring with little effort. This is will be the beginning of his campaign for national unity.
7 months ago
arrlock So done with all these Nobunaga titles, it is like japanese history doesn't have anyone but this guy to spam him in manga and anime.
7 months ago
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