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Kenja no Mago Episode 8

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Kenja no Mago

Kenja no Mago

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Action Magic
Date aired : Apr 10, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A young man who had surely died in an accident, was reborn in another world as a baby! After that, he was picked up by the patriot hero "Sage" Merlin Wolford and was given the name Shin. He was raised as a grandson by Merlin and soaked up Merlin's teachings, earning him some shocking powers; however, when he became 15, his grandfather Merlin said, "I forgot to teach him common sense!" An "abnormal" boy's unconventional other world fantasy life starts here!
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Iam_trash Last
8 days ago
Zenosama Ian is just a fucking retard
2 months ago
pixel253 lol
3 months ago
shockwave89 Lan sure works hard for
4 months ago
ian24680 Their training goes well but they are more cautious around Shin when he is going to test out new magic. The way they use the magic barriers is like Shin is ready to explode at any moment. Shin and Aug returns to the castle and Shin meets Aug's fiance Ellie and Aug's little sister Mei. They were both given permission to go to the training camp by their fathers and can't say anything about that. Ellie had the wrong the idea about the relationship between Shin and Aug so he make it clear to her that he loves her and enjoys his time with her. Shin reacted quite sadly to what Melinda said that he would do something crazy once she took her eyes of him. Olivia said that she doesn't want her children to like that and Mark blushed after hearing that. Then Sicily went along with by saying her children along with Shin which was called a self destruct due to the people who were present their. Shin went after her and talks about the first time they met and finally confess their feeling for one another. They were about to kiss but it was ruined because they have an audience hiding in the bushes. Aug said that Shin might trigger a flag if he said the words. The next day they went to the beach and played volleyball magician style. At night they had a talk about their childhood and how they all met one another. Thor dark past was brought up by Julius. They also had a a talk about love then Melinda comes in to check them out because they were all noisy and everyone was hiding from her. Shin was really taking his relationship with Sicily very seriously by hugging her to much. He jumps out and revealed himself to Melinda. Maria, Rin and Arisu also revealed themselves and cheered them on. They all got a word and a lesson from Melinda all night long.
a year ago
rommel_12 ano magandang anime na latest ngayon\
a year ago
atlantiancommand How the fuck do you tell a guy that you think your children with him will be adorable unintentionally?
a year ago
tigercj237 they almost pulled it off ...... Almost
a year ago
paynut shin atleast got the balls to ask her out
a year ago
a year ago
ChickenSoySauce woah there shin
a year ago
Hakupalp Segundo
a year ago
TheRookies5 Aug gets roasted.
a year ago
yuno 1st
a year ago
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