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Kenja no Mago Episode 6

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Kenja no Mago

Kenja no Mago

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Action Magic
Date aired : Apr 10, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A young man who had surely died in an accident, was reborn in another world as a baby! After that, he was picked up by the patriot hero "Sage" Merlin Wolford and was given the name Shin. He was raised as a grandson by Merlin and soaked up Merlin's teachings, earning him some shocking powers; however, when he became 15, his grandfather Merlin said, "I forgot to teach him common sense!" An "abnormal" boy's unconventional other world fantasy life starts here!
Latest Episode Comments
Kitty2004 Was I the only one that noticed that at about 17:50 they didn't have any faces
12 days ago
Weeaboohunter The fuck was that ?! That was the worst outdo I have ever seen ever
4 months ago
Bruken015 Tf is that outro
8 months ago
Hakupalp The outro tho a bit cancer but the soundtrack is gold xD
9 months ago
ian24680 The empire is done with Oliver planning the whole war. An attack on a city by the demons and leaving death and destruction in their wake can't compare to Shingeki no Kyojin for it's much more bloodier. Now a joint training by the Magician and Knights to improve the relationship between the two schools but it is also to prepare them for fighting against demons. Shin gives his warning to top ranking knights about encountering demons for they lack experience in battle. Now their advisors are Siegfried and Christina whom are also the perfect examples of why the knights and magicians can't get along well. They are also popular among the two schools. The encounter with demon boar showed the knights how much they lack in experience when Shin just slash it's head off. Now the other knights are all over Sicily and it's annoying Shin. The perfect moments appeared for Shin to blow of some steam and he obliterated the horde of demons all on his own. Now the knights can't compare to his strength. Miranda apologize to Shin and mistakenly took them as a couple which made blush.
9 months ago
YOURADOPTED that outro is fucking horrible
9 months ago
Ronin I like where it's heading
9 months ago
Alphonssama whoever coreographed this outro dance, deserves a chop on the head
9 months ago
TrMitties im fairly certain most buffering from people are because of quality, if there was a way to lower the quality buffering wouldnt be that big of an issue
9 months ago
bellijs shin showed not to mess with him..and after that shizilen showed that she has something for shin and other Knights were terrified of that shes already set mind on shin
9 months ago
Kachow hell yea
9 months ago
paynut that was one entertaining episode. man, this is my favorite anime by far!
9 months ago
Thinley Good one
9 months ago
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