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Haifuri Episode 1

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School
Date aired : Apr 09, 2016
Status : Finished
Living by the sea, protecting the sea, and journeying across the sea... They're the Blue Mermaids! Because of a shift in tectonic plates around 100 years ago, Japan lost much of its area to submergence. To preserve Japan's territories, coastal cities sprung up, one after the other. Eventually, they became marine cities, and along with the expansion of sea-lanes to connect them, the need arose for a sizable staff to protect the seas. At the same time, maritime jobs were becoming more popular among women. Hence, the Blue Mermaids, tasked with keeping the seas safe, had become every female student's dream job. This is when childhood friends Akeno Misaki and Moeka China enroll in a marine high school in Yokosuka, along with other girls who share their goal of becoming a Blue Mermaid.
Latest Episode Comments
DZ_1989 "Well, global warming has happened, and most of japan is flooded." "And essentially all the schools have gone with it." "Though... those imperial era warships are still afloat." "Mm... true, they stand no chance against modern ships... put the students on those ships and send them off on their own." "Are you crazy, director?" "None of you here thought it was possible that most of japan would flood. Other than me. It would be fine, i swear to it" You utter numptous idiots... although. That does mean the Yamato twins are afloat. Its stupid but i love the idea anyway.
2 years ago
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