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Gotoubun no Hanayome Episode 12

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Gotoubun no Hanayome

Gotoubun no Hanayome

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Harem Comedy Shounen Romance
Date aired : Jan 11, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A high school romantic comedy with five times the cute girls! A high school boy must work part-time to help five sisters study so they can graduate, but the only thing these quintuplets have in common is that they all hate studying! Five girls who want to do anything but study, and their tutor: a high school boy who's got book smarts and not much else. Fuutarou Uesugi took the tutoring gig because he was desperate for cash, but when his students—the five beautiful daughters of a wealthy businessman—find five times the excuses to slack off, what can he do?! At this rate, the sisters won’t graduate, so if he wants to get paid, Fuutarou must think of a plan to suit each of them… Which feels hopeless when five out of five of them think he's a loser!
Latest Episode Comments
ChaosTrickster Well we can't tell who it is by just relaying on hair color but i can tell it's not Orange which is Yotsuba... If I will guess who it is I think Nino is the closest cause you know Nino likes BadBoys maybe the reason is cause she's the one that Fuutaro met from the past and that time Fuutaro was BadBoy but she didn't recognized him from the picture so I can't say for sure if it was her
2 months ago
Mynameisjeff Why so many ppl hope is miku,well I think Nino will be the bride from the story.I like Nino how about u guys
3 months ago
Joshefc1 I would like it to be miku or itsuki but have a feeling that it will be nino I will be very disappointed if it’s yubata or ichuka
4 months ago
MUSHARRAF I hope its miku
6 months ago
yrik dm me when season 2 out
7 months ago
nick-san i hope it was miku
7 months ago
RaiIsCutee What do u mean that was clearly barny the fucking dinosaur
8 months ago
Kopitejj When is season two coming out
9 months ago
Flamechamp05 I think its Nino, its obvious.. look at the color of the hair.. there story is related to that old picture. Somehow they are connected.
10 months ago
Punisher69 Itsuki
10 months ago
Hakupalp Um now I'm curious who was the bride?? Ik they are pretty much same but even with the close up its really hard to know 4sure is 1 of the 3 red colored hair girls but the flipping cliff-hanger was like YEET * SIghs* 2 bad i ain't gonna read nor the see ligh novel /manga of it since saw this anime accidentally literally not into romantic comedy but i like well done storytelling so ill give this a 10/ 10 4 keeping it clean; is fun, alive and not over dramatic. I approve lol 0wO
a year ago
cjpangue0126 It was the girl who have a blue thing in her head
a year ago
XLxberation That was Miku. Itsuki’s hair is more red than hers which means that it was Miku
a year ago
ian24680 Miku finally settles things with Ichika by wanting to the first one to fall in love with Fuutarou. Since Itsuki is missing they all search for her and Ichika acted care free since she said they should stop. Then Nino scolded her for saying that. Fuutarou was able to find Itsuki for he found it strange for Ichika to call him Uesugi-kun. Itsuki was disguising herself as Ichika to test Fuutarou if he worthy of being their tutor. Fuutarou collapse due to his sickness and Yotsuba feels guilty for it and ruining Fuutarou's plan for them. Nino won't be able to dance with Kintarou(Fuutarou). Flash forward to the future again with with Raiha and the others. Now back to the present were the girls were worried for Fuutarou and decided to be by his side while each of them holding his finger. Fuutarou got angry at them for being to loud. Their studying continues so that he can fulfill his promise to them.
a year ago
theo its itsuki :D
a year ago
Abbas Miku
a year ago
Abbas Yes it was miki
a year ago
JacoPrawiro it was miku
a year ago
GrievingbowYT oh ok so who was it I can't tell
a year ago
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