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Girly Air Force Episode 8

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Girly Air Force

Girly Air Force

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Action Sci-Fi
Date aired : Jan 10, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Mysterious flying creatures known as Zai suddenly appear, and in order to fight the creatures, mankind creates fighter aircraft called "Daughters," as well as the automatic fighting mechanism "Anima," which are shaped like human girls. The story centers on a young man named Kei Narutani, who yearns to fly in the sky, and an Anima considered to be humanity's trump card, a girl name Gripen.
Latest Episode Comments
ian24680 It looks the Xi are only calculating and cares only for victory with the proof of the friendly fire. That was a nice mission with lots of missile artillery strike destroying the Xi base and the unexpected appearance of Viper Zero. Phantom took an interest in Kei and gave him some service as thanks and wants to fly with him someday. When I was just thinking that Minghua was getting left out and can a normal human be compatible with a Daughter. Viper made an appearance and she really looks like Minghua. Kei and Minghua gets alot into a fight due to Kei keeping a secret from her. After a explanation from Haruka he nows has some knowledge on who Viper is. Despite getting along when he got back, Kei still did well in hitting where it hurts. Another scientist makes an appearance an it looks like that Viper has already chosen an appearance of her own.
3 months ago
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