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Eden's Bowy Episode 14

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Eden's Bowy

Eden's Bowy

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Adventure Romance
Date aired : Sep 01, 2014
Status : Finished
The story is set in a strange world where two floating islands named Yulgaha and Yanuess slowly move through the sky. The people on the ground named these islands "Ă‹dens", and they control all the land. A boy, Yorn, was born on Yulgaha, but in his infancy, he was separated from his mother and brought to live on the surface. Although the foster father that raised him was poor, Yorn grew into a bright, chipper young man. One day, Yorn is attacked by Hairra, a woman who is later revealed to be a puppet from Yulgaha, while he is forging a sword. When she breaks the sword and attempts to kill him, his father sacrifices himself to save Yorn. Hairra proceeds to incapacitate Yorn, but is prevented from killing him by the arrival of a mysterious young girl. The girl picks up the hilt of Yorn's sword and drives it into her hand, magically transforming it into the sword of the God hunter. Hairra attempts to kill her, but she transforms into a young woman armed with a staff (Seeda) and fights back. During this battle, Yorn's powers as a God-Hunter are awakened by the sword and he enters the battle. Using a massive energy blast emanating from the sword, he drives off Hairra and her brother. During the interim, the mysterious girl disappears. She rejoins him later when both are caught by the Chosen of Yulgaha for drinking from a desert oasis that was sacred to Yulgaha, and after a series of events they and the old man Yorn met after the conflict with Hairra set off for Rubeet. They come to a village that is being attacked by a white leopard. The young girl wanders off into the forest after a dance that told the story of the God Hunter. Searching for her, Yorn, the old man and some of the villagers go into the forest to search for her. They find her (caught in a trap that had been meant for the leopard), but shortly after that the white leopard attacks. It attacks the village chief but is driven off by the old man. It finds Yorn and the young girl, but does not attack. The young girl follows it, and when Yorn gets back the strength to search for her, he overhears her talking to someone. As he follows the voice of the girl to its source, he finds her name is Elisiss. When he finds her, it turns out that she had been talking to the leopard. He puts himself between the two, but Elisiss then puts herself between him and the leopard, protecting it. Shortly after that, the leopard is attacked by someone who looks similar to Yorn. Elisiss again interposes herself between the leopard and its assailant, but he is only stopped when Yorn parries his blade. He is stronger than Yorn, however, and knocks his sword out of his hands and to the ground. He spares Yorn however, and introduces himself as Spike Randit, another God Hunter, before leaving. While Yorn is trying reconcile the fact that he is a God Hunter with himself, not quite able to believe it, Elisiss licks his wound. This somehow heals it, and prompts a bit of teasing from the old man. Afterwards, when the talk turns to the white leopard, Elisiss tells them it is her sister and will not be seen in the forest again. They then leave to continue their journey.
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