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Dororo Episode 24

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Action Shounen Demons Adventure Historical Supernatural
Date aired : Jan 07, 2019
Status : Ongoing
A samurai lord has bartered away his newborn son's organs to forty-eight demons in exchange for dominance on the battlefield. Yet, the abandoned infant survives thanks to a medicine man who equips him with primitive prosthetics—lethal ones with which the wronged son will use to hunt down the multitude of demons to reclaim his body one piece at a time, before confronting his father. On his journeys the young hero encounters an orphan who claims to be the greatest thief in Japan.
Latest Episode Comments
Michiko it was a good show, the only problem I have was probably that Dororo and Hyakkimaru got split up in the end
a month ago
sadShisuix2008 what an amazing anime i love how Hyakkimaru slowly becomes attached to Dororo as time goes by and how Hyakkimaru never became the demon that he was said to be.
4 months ago
Shoyahinata I was but happy and sad by ending.
5 months ago
Shoyahinata Hyakimaru lost many things at last and gained his all parts. Nice ending !
5 months ago
Litterhoesin My guy
6 months ago
Sagemaster22 I hope this has season 2
7 months ago
SlowWagon Damn, Hyakki caught Taho lacking. He ain't passing the vibe check.
7 months ago
IloveBLU I just finish watching this anime. I don't have to rewatch this because it's already craved down in my heart. It's a nice anime especially the story line.
8 months ago
philippe unnecessary deaths
10 months ago
NeverGlitch damn it, why did the mother need to die, she was the only familymember to love Hyakkimaru.
a year ago
Jack_o_lantern i feel the ending is missing something
a year ago
Ranaaksh Loved it ❤
a year ago
Muncher Absolutely amazing!
a year ago
charz05 oh hoping for next episode huhu
2 years ago
2 years ago
TetrixWolf @atlantiancommand do you even know the age difference between Dororo and Hyakkimaru? Thid aint Alabama
2 years ago
r3wr1iteit Am i the only one who thought the ending was anticlimactic? or missing something?
2 years ago
Astonishing Spoilers in this comment section is fucking ridiculous
2 years ago
Charlotte I like the end. Great remake!
2 years ago
ian24680 Tahomaru blame Hyakkimaru for taking some things that should be his. Despite the danger of the burning castle Nui still goes to where her sons are. Jukai couldn't go through the other routes leading into the castle but was able to notice the secret passage that Nui used. Tahomaru who wanted to affection and attention of his mother wasn't able to understand his mother at that time. That is why he was empty on the inside which can clearly seen by Hyakkimaru and that is why he didn't killed his brother. Tahomaru was finally able to understand a bit about what his brother said but the demon didn't let this opportunity past. With the last of Tahomaru's strength he gave back his brother's eyes and the last demons was defeated. Nui was finally able to hold Hyakkimaru and make up with her son after sixteen years. Jukai gave him a statue of the Goddess of Mercy so that he won't loss his way and always remebers them. Tahormaru, Nui and Jukai stayed behind at the the castle and died in the fire. Hyakkimaru was finally able to see the world with his own eyes and Dororo also. Kagemitsu march on to war but he was defeated in the end. Who would have thought that Biwamaru was a former samurai. Hyakkimaru was confronts his father and spares him for what he has done and told him to live as a human than a demon. He wonder if he choose to rely on his own power than on the demons his domain might have prospered under Hyakkimaru. Dororo promised to give money to the villagers and heads toward where Hyakkimaru is. That change of appearance in Dororo means that she will look more girly and the ending song was really great for the ending of this series.
2 years ago
PopDaDino Also anyone who is reading atlantiancommands comment Dororo is a girl so that's why.
2 years ago
atlantiancommand So sad that his brother and mother are dead but so happy about the ending. I hope they fall in love and then marry!
2 years ago
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