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Digimon Adventure (2020) Episode 13

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Digimon Adventure (2020)

Digimon Adventure (2020)

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Action Adventure Kids
Date aired : Apr 05, 2020
Status : Ongoing
The new anime will take place in 2020 and will feature an all-new story centering on Taichi Yagami when he is in his fifth year in elementary school. His partner is Agumon. The story begins in Tokyo when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi is preparing for his weekend summer camping trip when the incident happens. Taichi's mother and his younger sister Hikari get stuck on a train that won't stop moving, and Taichi heads to Shibuya in order to help them. However, on his way there, he encounters a strange phenomenon and sweeps him up into the Digital World along with the other DigiDestined.
Latest Episode Comments
austinhoylee938 Honestly this episode very much undermined Garudamon's transformation and Sora's role in it. In the original, Sora went through a lot of emotional conflict for why her Crest of Love wasn't working. She believed this was because she's unworthy of it and that she was unable to truly love as a result of, what she calls, her leading a loveless life. It was only when Biyomon made her realise her mistake and getting struck down by the then biggest bad guy of the series, Myotismon, that Sora declared her love for Biyomon/Birdramon and she digivolved into Garudamon. This was one of the series' highlights and one of the best developments of any character in the show. In this series, it was extremely generic and doesn't showcase anything close to love, merely Sora's determination... kinda disappointing for a show that was doing so well.
19 days ago
ian24680 Yay my favorite seiyuu Kugimiya Rie makes her debut in the new Digimon series. It looks like they shorten the size of Garudamon compared to the original.
19 days ago
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