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Date A Live III Episode 9

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Date A Live III

Date A Live III

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Harem Comedy Mecha Sci-Fi Romance
Date aired : Jan 08, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Date A Live II
The third season of Date A Live.
Latest Episode Comments
James Fuck you this wivsite... This is the worst site of anime....
13 days ago
ian24680 Shido was caught by his neighbor due to his shortcuts. He saw how Origami's parents got killed and failed to convince her to take revenge on herself. That was really high and mighty coming from Kurumi due the fact that she control time and now the next plan was to have the younger Kurumi use Yud Bet on him. The younger Kurumi looks like she's cosplaying. After a second try Shido tries to stop Phantom from running around but was told that she will be staying a while longer and Shido fel a strange vibe from her. Shido was determined to save Origami from despair and choose to save her parents from getting killed. It looks like that last part was the first episode of the first season or he just returned to his current timeline.
16 days ago
Shigaru Baka baka shido itsuka
16 days ago
comment100 Itsuka Shidou has a hard time trying to prevent Origami from knowing it is her that got her parents killed. The Phantom makes things harder by not being patient enough while talking to Itsuka Shidou, rushing to end the conversation and get away to get her things done. Eventually, it is kind of sad to see Itsuka Shidou resort to performing a suicidal move to save Origami's parents, his chances to change the history to fix the world are running out. At least, Itsuka Shidou expresses a smile in the end, I really like it.
17 days ago
comment100 Date A Live III Episode 9: Itsuka Shidou has a hard time
17 days ago
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