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Date A Live III Episode 12

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Date A Live III

Date A Live III

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Harem Comedy Mecha Sci-Fi Romance
Date aired : Jan 08, 2019
Status : Ongoing
Prequel: Date A Live II
The third season of Date A Live.
Latest Episode Comments
2 months ago
Thinley Season 4 I m very excited
3 months ago
Thegreed I really hope the season 4
4 months ago
Abbas F the ending
5 months ago
HazJerms_14 I really hope the season 4
5 months ago
Jasid123 I pray for season 4 too.
5 months ago
Yutaka Stop spoiling ian24680 your ruining the fun of this episode
5 months ago
ian24680 The spirit powers are now active inside Shido and a count down is in play. It's now their turn to date him and save him from their powers and they better do it quick since Shido already hitting on Ellen. The dating plan is going well where they are making him fall in love with them in just a second and with the other a few minutes. Unlike when Shido was doing it, it took him days just to clear their route. Yoshino and Natsumi were the only ones who were really revealing alot of skin to Shido. The suggestion of Origami is only applying to the two lolis. It took quite a while for Tohka to realize that she has feelings Shido and it became a battle due to the spirit powers going berserk inside Shido. I didn't expect Kurumi to help them out but it was obviously out love for Shido that she doesn't want to see him die. Finally Tohka kissed Shido to calm the spirit powers. Just like Origami who declared her love for Shido Tohka finally realize that she also loves Shido and kissed each other while on the hospital.
6 months ago
AmazingMoral Why midnight tho?
6 months ago
AnimeHero1412 I pray for season 4. Nia and Mukuro! I miss Mana! XD
6 months ago
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