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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Episode 11

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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

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Type : TV Series
Genre: School Harem Comedy Shounen Romance
Date aired : Apr 06, 2019
Status : Ongoing
His late father always said that a useless man should strive to be useful, so to that end, third-year high school student Nariyuki Yuiga dedicated himself to becoming a high-achieving student in his school, despite his history of poor grades. In order to give his destitute family a better life, his ultimate goal is to obtain the special VIP nomination, a prestigious scholarship covering all future university tuition fees. Although Nariyuki could feasibly be a shoe-in for the nomination, he is constantly overshadowed by classmates Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi in mathematics and literature, respectively. To his delight, Nariyuki receives the nomination, but there's a catch: he has to tutor his two star classmates, who are each hopelessly mediocre at the other’s subject of expertise! To make matters worse, the subjects they are horrible at are the same subjects they want to pursue for their future. As the time to submit university applications draws nearer, Nariyuki must find an effective tutoring method for the girls before it's too late.
Latest Episode Comments
Abbas T f a month and no new episode
3 months ago
ian24680 Mafuyu saw Nariyuiki in the same district she is in. She tries to stop him because she thinks that it will ruin his studies if he continue going to the maid cafe. But she was stop by Asumi when she saw her in front of the cafe. Asumi made it clear to Mafuyu that he is only helping her study but she was not convince and still wanted to get him out of their. The tag of war cause Mafuyu to loss her balance and crash to Machiko. Asumi have her compensate for filling up for Machiko. She was told to say the signature line of a maid and it hit Nariyuki deep but she was assigned to cleaning duty. Her cleaning skills are not so great and she kept messing up. But for the masters of the cafe she was the ideal clumsy maid. She saw how the other staff relied on him unlike her who was messing up until the end. When it was closing time they ate dinner and I think those were left overs and Mafuyu was given alcohol which she was really weak. It only took one sip and she was really drunk to the point she praise Nariyuki for all the little things he done. The next day Mafuyu has no clothes left and used her old clothes and those were really old since they were her clothes since high school. The police saw her and ask for her ID and Nariyuki back her up by saying that she is a adviser to the drama club. She let him ride with her and show off her driving skills. Retrieving the documents was okay but the real challenge was getting past the student. They went through the park and left the car behind for it's out of gas. Nariyuki bought ice cream and gave Mafuyu one. While they were having a good chat Rizu and Fumino appears and hid at the bushes. When they were almost got caught they pretended to kiss and Fumino just run in shock. If they really did kiss by accident it would become a Nande Koko ni Sensei ga like situation for them. In the end only Asumi saw her wearing her old school uniform and Mafuyu wanted to die after being seen by her.
4 months ago
austinhoylee938 I'm fully expecting people to make a Deja Vu parody of that driving scene... if not, the Internet will have failed me!
4 months ago
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