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Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu Episode 1

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Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu

Arslan Senki (TV): Fuujin Ranbu

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Type : TV Series
Genre: Drama Fantasy Action Adventure Historical Supernatural
Date aired : Jul 07, 2016
Status : Finished
Prequel: Arslan Senki
Second season of Arslan Senki.
Latest Episode Comments
Seagulls yare yare dz
6 months ago
DZ_1989 Whoever built the crenelations did a poor job. The crenels are too wide, length and width wise, and the Merlon's Arrow slits are, well, they're somewhat alright, if not ever so slightly too wide. The walls themselves are too tall, as the Gate house is blatantly quite easy to storm. Another noteworthy thing about the gatehouse is the lack of Drawbridge. The moat and the bridge is already there, just tear down one third of the bridge and have a counter weight drawbridge. Or a winch if you can afford it. Speaking of which, the Gatehouse just has a big door and no Portcullis. Still, although they're not needed, its still much cheaper building a stone bridge. Speaking of stone, the thickness of those walls! Mind you, the usual thickness of Castle walls are around 1 to 2, 3 on a good day or even 4 meters of Thickness. That is not 4 meters. If i had a say, its around 6 to 7 meters. Maybe 8. So, the way they assault the Gatehouse is with a sharpened Log. I mean... Blunt will do better work. After further inspection, it is a portcullis, its just made of reinforced wood. They didn't even prepare properly. No "Mobile shields" as i forgot the right name, but basically large wooden barricades that are used to defend the attackers as they advance towards the walls. Now, i'd say siege towers, only the moat's the only problem. You may think "Oh, just destroy the wall" but realistically speaking. Just because you destroy the wall doesn't make it a free pass into the castle. No. There's this thing still blocking the way and its called Rubble. Only a madman would think to clean up the rubble on the defender's side.
6 months ago
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