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2 days ago
@ken4gaming That's an extremely flawed remark. If you've seen enough anime/movies/series then it's only natural to have the ability to predict the way things will go simply because it follows common tropes and common paths, which for a Shounen anime like this is only par for the course. That doesn't make it a bad anime though, it's the overal execution that makes or breaks the anime/episode, and this episode was overall pretty damn good. Even if you don't like the way the story went in this episode you cannot deny that both the animation and sound here are top-notch, which for many people is good enough a reason to watch this.
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Thank you!


Well said man

5 days ago
Btw was anyone else hoping that the other ship would include one of the MC's rather than the new girl in a manner similar to Lost in Space having an older version of Will Robinson? This could have been material for some great time-paradox shenanigans.
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austinhoylee938 started to follow Weeaboo_keira
6 days ago
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Thanks for the follow Austin! :D

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